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holiday in our christian religion. no thanks to you. this is where we celebrate. it is no thanks to her. this is why we celebrate jesus' last miracle. they have magical powers. and then he can hide them for little children to find. it is in the bible and how dare you, obama? >> how dare you mockery lig jus people because you don't like bunnies. >> i like bunnies. >> again, i am picking up slack here. my own easter egg hunt will be in my apartment, and i will actually pi for the eggs. -- pay for the eggs. $20. tweet me at greg gutfeld, and remember to put the hash tag greg roll. jot sure where i am going -- not sure where i am going, but if you are coming you have to be over 18, but under 19. and you can't have any real connection to society. so in case something happens you won't be missed. i will be having you fill out some post cards which you will be sending out to your relatives. so it looks like are you on a vacation for a period of months when in fact you won't be. you will be with me. >> who are all of those people in the background. it looks like woodstock. >> it is like they a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1